Meet Lisa Schweitzer,
founder & creator of Zen-Kit

Helping people find calm in stressful situations.

“When there is calm, everyone works better.”

Zen-Kit creator Lisa Schweitzer has worked with children and families throughout the bulk of her career both as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor/LMHC and Registered Play Therapist/RPT and a Teacher.

Originally born in Long Island, NY, and currently a resident of St. Petersburg, FL, Lisa earned a master’s degree in counseling and was immediately drawn to the potential of Play Therapy. This unique form of therapy ignited her passion to provide kids and their families with useful techniques to help them find their calm in stressful situations. During her years as a private therapist, she created the Imagination Tray, a predecessor to Zen-Kit.

This idea evolved into the more portable Zen-Kit concept, but the core mission has remained firmly intact: to give children and families a fun, playful, easy way to find calmness when stress or anxiety begin to rise. And, given Lisa’s background, every aspect of Zen-Kit is carefully informed by the perspective and expertise of an LMHC and RPT for people of varying ages and abilities.

Beyond immediate calming, the larger goal of Zen-Kit is to strengthen neural pathways. Short-term, focused attention (approximately two minutes) has been proven to lead to a natural rewiring of the brain, making the act of calming oneself quicker and easier in the future.

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